New Orleans, I’m Yours


It was brought to my attention yesterday that not only am I in desperate need of posting a new blog, but that I haven’t written about New Orleans yet. I started thinking about this and realized that maybe that is precisely my problem. You know, they always say to write what you know. And although I don’t know New Orleans backwards and forwards, up and down, I think I at least know it left and right. We have a ways to go, this city and I, but I am making headway. My love affair is only just beginning.

I live in the Treme, about 4 blocks from the French Quarter. And I love it! This may be the best neighborhood in the city. It is so rich in culture and personality, I think asking for more may in fact produce few results. Our housemates are encouraging, and spunky. Our neighbors are amazing. Last weekend, we celebrated our neighbor Joseph’s sixty-third birthday. I felt like we were with family. It was just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing better than grilling out, kids sidewalk chalking and dancing, adults laughing and eating jambalaya. But more than that, I feel like we are finally finding our place here. That has been the most difficult part.

Last week, I borrowed my housemate’s camera. I had forgotten how much I missed photography. I had been secretly yearning to take photos, but had been too lazy to actually do it. I would find myself mentally snapping photos that would never be processed or be seen. And this city is full of moments waiting to be captured on film. Riding with Zach in the car two weeks ago I saw a horse walking under the overpass and a rooster in a busy street. Both moments screamed for attention from a lens, and yet I had no camera with which to record it. I am tired of wishing I had taken the photo. And so, I went out last week and took some. I feel full and satisfied. Now I find myself waiting to get prints and start a portfolio, or just frame them and have them ready for their big debut. They deserve to be examined, and pined over, and ridiculed. They deserve to come out. I do not know when or how I will get a chance to showcase my photos, but I must find a way. And in the meantime, keep taking more!

I have spoken about reinventing myself in past blogs. What I have come to realize is that there has been no pressing need for that. I am who I am, and that is all I am capable of being. I cannot be the everywoman to everyone. I’m thankful that I am letting that go. I still don’t know who or what I am becoming, but I know that it is colorful and vibrant and full of noise. That is enough for me.

To close, I will leave you, dear readers, with a few snapshots from New Orleans. Hopefully they draw you in and make you want to visit. And once you’re here, you may not want to leave.


About sailorsrevenge

I'm a wife to an amazing man who constantly challenges me to seek out my better self. I'm also a mother to a daughter who reminds me what it means to tilt my head to stained glass, in other words, how to see the world as an incredible organism to be dissected and absorbed. I'm striving to find a balance between homemaker and independent woman. Knitting, blowing bubbles, learning to live sustainably, laying tambourines, dancing, whispering, cooking strange and delightful concoctions, and laughing loudly & often are nonnegotiables in this journey!

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  1. I met God in New Orleans
    On the banks of the muddy deep
    I met God in New Orleans
    He was walkin right down the street.
    He laughed out from eyes of children
    Who smiled at me when I past
    He sang out songs of deliverence
    You can be free…Free at last!!!

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